The appreciation of fine art is interpersonal.  At times, when you see a masterpiece, it may call to you, it may beckon to you to look closer, to see something differently or to change your perception.  Even though you walk away and you say, “This is not for me”,  the image remains in your mind.  You find yourself thinking about it, the color, the setting, how the light reflected a certain way or how it brought up certain  feelings or emotions; a relationship begins.  You may find the piece is calling to you – to look closer.  When a piece of art touches your heart or your soul, there is a reason.  You have found a connection, a link to a medium that can change your mood, shift your attitude or bring you to a new level of joy and peace.  Fine art is a meditation.  It can transform you from the world of confusion, distraction and fear, to comfort, tranquility, love, certainty and peace.  But, you must first give yourself permission!  Such a relationship may begin with a simple “Hello” or “I like this piece, I don’t know why, maybe it is the shape or the color or the subject, but it just pleases me”.  As you allow the artwork to express itself to you, to open the window to your soul, you find it is an invitation to an unending fountain of expression that grows with the amount of time that you spend with it.  It will not leave you.  The fine art that you buy will nourish you for as long as you own it.  What is the value of that?

The goal and desire of my artwork, as a fine artist, is to bring this blessing to you, to share a window into your soul.  I hope that my artwork will touch you in a way that grows in time, that feeds your soul.  My art can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, but always allow it to be like a meditation to shift your mood, your attitude, let it nourish and bring peace to your heart in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

As an artist, I hope that my artwork touches your soul.